Fine Art Online Fundraiser

If you love art, you will love this fundraiser!  From now until October 16, 2017 all art sold through the website below will earn us a 25% donation of reproduction works and 15% of original art sold.

Click here to visit the Art Fundraiser Shop

A Little About Greater Works, Inc

Our Mission Greater Works, Inc. is a community-based organization which strives to advocate the rewards of volunteerism and seeks to maintain a bridge of wisdom and knowledge for generations to come. Together we can share hopes and dreams, find fellowship and friendship and project a voice that all may witness and heed.

Quote from Founder-Myra Surratt-Walters “It is our sincere effort to create a positive and lasting impact with our Senior Adults and Youth Communities.”

Quote from Christian Adams, GWI Project Coordinator “As we continue to nurture generations to come, I’m able to fulfill my passion of macro-level community engagement.” Motto:”Bridging Senior Adults and Youth Together.

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